Essay on The Propaganda Of The Subliminal Advertising Conspiracy

1489 Words Apr 27th, 2016 6 Pages
The subliminal advertising conspiracy is known to hide messages with other messages, but the viewer unconsciously knowing he/she had seen it even though they have consumed the information that the advertiser leaves within their commercial. Even though it doesn’t seem like you are being manipulated against your will well it’s happening whether you like it or not because these subliminal advertisements are everywhere on televisions, radios, billboards, cartoons, logos, etc.… Companies rule subliminal advertising, sure they need to sell all their merchandise and they just manipulate the viewer to do so, as the viewer loses their money on their merchandise the advertisers are the only ones winning and they just keep taking money and that’s the moral issue is that is all they care about is the money and not how it effects the viewer, even though this is just a conspiracy it leads to many facts that can be proven : the government can prove subliminal advertising to be more than just a conspiracy, but then could just outlaw it once proven to be “real” once that is done all businesses will lose all clients and lose all their precious money that they love. The idea of actually being manipulated to buy products or just to give your money to those big named companies is outstandingly out of this world.
Studies show that the only way the advertisement will be effective is by persistence of vision so the illusion is created by 30 frames per second flashing in front of the screen or it…

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