Essay about The Progressive Ear, By Upton Sinclair And Muckrakers

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The Progressive ear, occurring between the years of 1890 to 1920 and was a reaction to the second
Industrial Revolution. Many progressives desired a limitation on the power of big businesses, an improvement on the democracy of the people, and an increase in social equality among the people. The progressive era was a time of enlightenment and reform in the United State, in that it improved the quality of life through government regulation, muckraking, and conservation. During the second Industrial Revolution, the leaders of progressivism, such as Theodore Roosevelt began to notice the effects of the United States advancing Industrial economy; concentration of corporate powers, social injustice of the working class, and lack of democracy in the. Many progressive were highly against the government, laissez fair attitude toward capitalism and the impacts it was having on society. Books such as “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair and muckrakers,such as John Spargo helped exploit the flaws in this system of government by exploiting working condition in Chicago 's meatpacking Industry and advocating the importance for a nation reform (Document 5). Upon realization of the horrible working conditions and lack of sanitation exploited by the “The Jungle, two regulator laws were passed by congress to resolve theses issues. The first being the Pure Food and Drug Act that businesses from manufacturing, selling or transporting mislabeled food and drugs, and the second act Meat Inspection…

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