Butcher Rogaum Door Analysis

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Inside the Workings of Mr. Rogaum
Theodore Dreiser’s “Butcher Rogaum’s Door” is a short story detailing the accounts of a protective father and his young daughter in New York’s rougher part of town. Butcher Rogaum is dissected emotionally at the climax of the story. The synopsis is that even the hardest candy shell of a person can be melted down or broken from heart- wrenching experiences that affect our closest loved ones through life lessons. The main character, Rogaum’s tough love in the end breaks him down more than he did his daughter. The author, Dreiser walks us through the inner workings by using character, setting and plot.

The character Rogaum tries his hardest to use syntax when he explains multiple things in the story but comes up short because of his German accent. When questioned by the police he states, “I say I vass for my
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He has to seek out his daughter once she is locked out and police find her weeping in the darkness of the night with one of the hoodlums whom is whispering false promises to her. In the end, the ruffian states to the police, “…I never wanted her anyway…” and this statement shows how he never intended to stay with her. It seems he just wants to see how far he could take her into his realm. The butcher learns his lesson by almost losing his daughter to the night crimes. Theresa knows that she should obey her father or end up like the suicide driven girl that was found.
In conclusion, Dreiser uses three key elements: character, setting, and plot to bring this story to life and put a sore taste on our palate. The butcher had been broken down due to the heart- wrenching experience that affect his loved one and brought to light how hard lessons are learned. This breakdown forces us to realize sometimes the brutality of life can open our eyes and help us search for a deeper meaning of protection and

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