The Door Case Study

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Ms. Peters indicated that she spoke with Ms. Gustard’s other biological daughter, Marla, who reported that she had a good relationship with the foster children; Ms. Gustard took her phone away, limited her finances, or restricted her outside activities as punishment. Marla uttered that this is the first time a satiation like this occurred with the foster children. Marla expressed that she is not allowed to spend nights at someone else’s home. Marla voiced that the foster children were usually in the home and they did not have much contact with their mother. Ms. Peters added that she did not get to speak with the foster children’s sister, Destiny, as of yet.

Marla stated that she spoke with Dymnasty and Diamond therapist, Lisa Rosner, who reported that she was unaware of any concern between the foster children and Ms. Gustard. Ms. Rosner indicated that the children attended therapy as expected and they had normal concerns
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Gustard expressed that on the day in question, her daughter, Robyn, transported the children to The Door just to get them out of the house since they spend a lot of time inside. Ms. Gustard conveyed that Robyn brought them to The Door early that week and there was no issue or concern to report. Ms. Gustard recalled Ms. Griffith arriving at her door to inquire about the children’s whereabouts. Ms. Gustard indicated that once she was informed that the children might be missing, she contacted their mother, Ms. Spann, and Dynmasty’s sister. Ms. Gustard indicated that she did not make any contact with the children’s family members and the decision was to go to The Door to see if the children were there. Ms. Gustard acknowledged being informed that the children might be traveling down south, but she felt as if that notion was unlikely due to the children having no money or clothes for such a trip. Ms. Gustard added that the children slept in her home the night before, but she is aware that a child could decide to leave a foster home at any

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