Essay The Product Of A Product

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Positioning a product is how the consumer perceives the product compared to the competition. Meaning does the product stand out above its competitors. Marketers want products to stay positioned in a consumer’s mind. If the product’s image is not embedded in a consumer’s mind; then the marketer may reposition the product. Repositioning the product means it tries to place the product in a different place in the consumer’s mind. “Offerings are products and services designed to deliver value to customers-either to fulfill their needs, satisfy their ‘wants’ or both” (Tanner & Raymond, 2012). Almost all offerings include product and price, but only some include service. A product is a tangible good that can be bought and owned. The price is the money that is exchanged for the product. “A service is an action that provides a buyer with an intangible benefit” (Tanner & Raymond, 2012). Examples of services are hiring a housekeeper, a haircut, and a stay in a hotel. I have already completed my strategic planning and I am now going to complete the S.W.O.T. analysis. I first focused on my internal factors, as I can control these factors. I found that my strengths are that I already have a name for my product; which is the Washyer. I already have resources to sell my product, as retailers such as Lowes and Sears have already agreed to sell the Washyer. The weakness of the company is that the Washyers will be manufactured on the West Coast and the retailer’s warehouses are on the East…

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