The Problem With Paradise Analysis

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The book, The Problem With Paradise, was a story about Casey and her brothers having to go to paradise for the summer, and that sounded totally lame and not interesting to Casey. Lesley Dahl, the author is a great writer with detail in her book. I enjoyed that the book was a way to relate to life. It was not all about rainbows and fairytales it was a love drama put on by some teens that don’t quite have life all figured out.
Casey, the teenage girl, age fourteen, has two brothers and a dad with a new girlfriend. Her dad is trying to bring paradise to Casey’s life. Casey was the protagonist in the story because of all the struggles she experienced. She has grown tired of everyday life routine, especially with her brothers. Nothing ever goes
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It included danger, mystery, and romance. A coming of age: the attainment of prominence, respectability, recognition, or maturity (marriam-Webster.)
With Lesley’s very descriptive writing, she makes you feel like you are in paradise yourself, not that you are just reading about being there. Her writing is very heartfelt. She started the book with lots of frustration but proved to us everything happens for a reason and the plans are never as bad as they make them out to be, she made me feel like I was right there with them sailing, snorkeling, and laying on the beach soaking up the sun. I loved the way she was very persistent with her characters and the way she tied you in to the book to the point you could hardly put it down.
In conclusion, this book was a very great book with detail and a great story line. It taught me a couple life lessons that everyone could use. It taught me that nothing is ever really as bad as it seems it will be. It taught me that growing up for the sake of yourself as your family and to help the ones around you is really one of the best things you could do. Not everything went the way she wanted it, but for the most part everything worked out. She gained new friendships and still stayed in contact with the fiends at home by sending letters. The author made me feel like I was in paradise along with Casey and her family. I really like how I felt connected to the book. I think everyone that had to grow up earlier then most should read this book to know you are not alone and rough times make you a better

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