The Problem Of Video Game Addiction Essay

1086 Words Mar 29th, 2015 null Page
Have people ever seen toxic symptom of the video game? When people are extremely anxious about the video game, they play the video game over 19 hours a week, do not spend time for other activities or other people, and feel social phobias. According to the research from South Korea, 8% of population of the country people between 9 to 39 years old struggle from internet or gaming addiction in the 2010 government study. Many people might think that video game addiction is disease of disorder; however, it is not include the official Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in the America even though it is in the list of warranting further study. What is the word for addict? People who would like to play game such as a patient called the pathological video gamer. Being a pathological video gamer has motivation and they can be cure though several solutions. What cause the video game addiction? Many people have experiences to play video game; nevertheless, why some people especially adolescents become a pathological video gamer? There are five reasons why people become an addict of game as craving higher scores, desiring to know another clue and next level, having role-playing, imagining the game world, and having relationship with others.
First, usually second time playing game create better score than first time. When a person gets high score in the game, the person wishes for achieving higher scores than before due to have desire to reach the highest score.

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