Essay on The Problem Of Texting And Driving

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Did you know that according to “Injury Prevention and Control” that more than 9 people are

killed in a car crash every single day and more than 1,153 people are injured in the U.S. because

of car crashes involved with distracted driving? What exactly is distractive driving? Distractive

driving is doing anything to take your eyes away from the road and not focusing on driving the

vehicle. Such as using a cell phone, texting, eating, using a GPS, etc. Car crashes are terrifying!

Why would someone want to risk getting hurt or possibly being killed, all because their eyes

weren’t focused on the road? Keep the eyes on the road, know your surroundings and what’s

going on around the vehicle, and help stop others from distracted driving too. Don’t be the

problem, be the solution and stop distracted driving.

All distractions can be dangerous, but much of the focus is on texting and driving. Almost

everyone can agree that texting and driving is dangerous, but people do it anyways. A new

survey says that 98% of people who can drive, own cell phones, and text regularly said that

they’re aware of the dangers. Even though there’s laws against it, still three quarters of them

admitted to texting while driving. (Ortutay). So why exactly do people do it, even though there’s

laws against it? Time Magazine says the buzz of an incoming text message causes the release of

dopamine in the brain, which then causes excitement, Greenfield says. If the message ends up…

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