Essay on The Problem Of Teen Mothers

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As logic dictates, teen mothers typically do not seek employment if parents provide them with financial support. Although, data is lacking as to a teen’s occupational options while they are attending high school (Smith & Wilson, 2014). Even so, as an adult it is difficult to attend school, raise a child or children and work, much less an adolescent successfully navigating these conditions. In those rare instances when the teen marries, typically to another teen, the same challenges are then multiplied. Both teens and their parents know that education is necessary for financial independence, and more attainable through further education and increased employment options (SmithBattle, 2007). Working outside the home and going to school outside the home requires childcare which is expensive and can be traumatic for a new mom. However, as the child grows and becomes more independent time may become available for the mother to return to her educational goals. Education is then shown to be achievable, it is just delayed and not congruent with typical societal time frames.
Often times pregnant or parenting teens are dismissed from high school and are offered an alternative learning environment through a government or community agency. Typically all students who attend such a program, are pregnant or parenting and on-site childcare is provided. Nursing mothers are able to feed their babies without fear of retaliation and students learn life skills and continue to earn a high school…

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