Teacher Burnout In Schools

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The topic of teacher burnout is very important to me. There are many topics that are important and should be expressed more to the public, but teacher burnout is a problem that many face in the world today. The term burnout simply means that a persons interest in this career has faded dramatically, which can mean that they are not teaching students with the compassion and determination that they should be. There are many reasons that a teacher may feel burned out at some point, including problems with students learning, being overwhelmed with stress, or even a lack of technology to teach with. It is a concerning issue, considering the amount of schooling teachers might go through, the money spent to propel themselves forward in
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Since the biggest problem seems to start in high poverty areas and schools, being able to improvise on a lesson plan for the day can save time and help students to not get behind on their work. Another way would be for teaching students to be required to shadow teachers in more than one school. If a student can go through training from smaller schools to bigger schools, they will acquire more experience and more ideas on how to control the classroom in an effective way. They need to be shown how to handle massive workloads in a timely matter, without being stressed out. Teachers should gain the skills of being patient, comforting, uplifting, and have new ideas for the classroom before being qualified to teach. Recommendations regarding the newer teachers entering the field are the most important, considering they are the ones who get burnout the easiest. These simple things could ultimately change the world of teaching and education. School should not be a dreadful place to be for students. It should be an environment where they can easily focus and learn new things every day, and know that they can go to their teacher if they are having trouble. Having a teacher that one can depend on if any help is needed, and able to help students improve in any way is one of the most important, and yet rewarding things about being a

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