The Problem Of Rising College Tuition Essays

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Millions of graduating seniors are expecting to attend college and will be met with the high cost of tuition. There has been a rapid increase in cost to public universities and colleges. While some activist believe free higher education is the best way to fight the rise in college tuition, there will be serious consequences to the economy.
The recorded problem of rising college tuition has become an issue in many families. This expensive cost of a college education has multiple reasons for concern. For instance, one of the major causes is the under funding of public colleges by states. State funding for public universities has been fluctuating; but above all, decreasing for the past twenty years (Campos). Currently, Illinois is struggling to find the funding for their public universities. Since July, Illinois universities have been without funding while the General Assembly struggles on compromising on the budget. Without this funding, some universities might have to shut down in March (Cohen). This obstacle will bring a rough effect to the tuition in coming years. Another reason why universities have increased their tuition is to accommodate their spending on lavish amenities. Some colleges and universities are spending the money on superior facilities, sports stadiums, and luxury dorms for the students; because that is what many students look for when choosing their college (Swartz). The amount of additional student tuitions, the colleges pick up from these amenities, are…

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