The Problem Of Project Management Essay

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There are several situations or risk areas where negotiation may be required due to the dynamics of project management, as both are inevitable. In general, conflicts occur when there are different views or ways to do something. While, the goal may be same, conflict can cause situations where reaching that goal is not the same. There are some cases where goals may be completely different. Some examples of conflict in project management are deciding what vendors to use or the use of subcontractors (outsourcing), input from two or more functional units (chartering), management of changes (scope change), resources, scheduling, priorities, technology, costs, administrative procedures and many times-personality differences of the project teams. When conflict occurs, negotiations may be necessary. Negotiation is a method to reach an acceptable means to solve the conflict. Conflict resolution is not always simple, so to be successful, there must a strategy for the negotiation. The success of Project Managers in managing their project teams often depends a great deal on their ability to resolve conflict (PMBOK, 2013).
To solve conflicts, a strategy is necessary. To help, several negotiation techniques and strategies are available and effective depending on the risk areas. The objective is to reduce or resolve conflict to the point that all parties are satisfied. Creating a plan is the first and most critical phase to handle conflicts. It will identify potential risks, what is…

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