The Problem Of Multi Agency Partnership Essay

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A clear concern, visible from the literature and the forum posts, is the amount of mental health cases that police assist feeling unequipped and unqualified to deal with (Thames Valley Police 2015). Yet, neither the police or the mental health services, alone, can effectively serve the mentally ill and therefore it is essential the two work together (Bradley Report 2009). With this in mind, it is important to investigate the progress of multi-agency partnership in order to decrease the issues that the literature and forum posts have expressed.
Practices implemented worldwide

The increase in police calls to deal with mental health issues is a worldwide concern (Meedhan and Stedman 2012). Therefore, it would be beneficial to understand schemes that have been implemented worldwide. Firstly, it is believed that the crisis intervention team project (CIT), in the United States, is the most well-developed and well implemented training scheme for the police regarding mental health crisis (Coleman and Cotton 2014). The use of crisis intervention teams has reduced the amount of injuries to police and mental health patients, increased transportation to hospital based facilities and increased the police’s confidence in their ability to handle mental health cases (Wood and Beierschmitt 2014). This scheme is ultimately a community based project, that achieves a partnership between the police and mental health services (Bonfire et al 2014), through the use of specifically trained police…

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