The Problem Of Helping Students Succeed Essay

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Helping Students Succeed The number of people who are afflicted with mental illnesses like depression and anxiety is rising with suicide as a leading cause of death among college students. It is understood that the amount of “students seeking counseling for "’severe’" psychological problems jumped from 16 percent in 2000 to 39 percent in 2012”(Baker), which shows how quickly the rate of mental illness is increasing. Many students who suffer from these disorders feel that they don’t have a good support system built to help them deal with their problems. Over 1000 college students commit suicide every year, which is why this issue needs to be taken more seriously.
One explanation for the surge in depression could be that technology and new social services are making it easier than ever to hurt people over the internet. In this day and age everyone is connected through sites like Twitter and Tumblr and it is practically impossible to get rid of something after it has been posted online. It is known that “college girls who reported being cyberbullied were three times more likely to meet clinical criteria for depression” (LeMotte). And according to a the Pew Internet Project survey, nearly 100% of college students use the internet and around 90% are known to use social media. Another potential case that I believe is aiding in the levels of mental health issues is the rising levels of debt students are acquiring while attempting to make it through college. When you add these…

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