Essay about The Problem Of Health Care

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Questions #1
[A] According to the video and articles, the one of the reasons that we do not have the best health care is because medicine has become a business. It is designed to turn a profit, therefore the quality of care diminishes. It is designed to protect the interests of the hospitals, doctors and insurance companies rather that the patients. Another reason would be that the access to health care is diminishing. For instance, because primary care is the lowest paying specialty in healthcare, there is a shortage in primary care physicians. As a result of the shortage, patients are forced to wait before they are able to actually see their physician. In addition to the shortage in primary care doctors, these individuals are forced to compromise the quality of the service that they provide. For instance, a primary care doctor would opt to conduct a procedure that would lengthen a person’s for a few months rather than consulting with the patient and discussing lifestyle changes and other things that can length the patient’s life by years. One doctor stated that they are hardly able to develop relationships with their patients anymore. They are given a time limit by which they have to deal with each patient, because they have a certain number of patients that they are required to see. Another reason would be the advancement in technology that we have. The US has access to a great deal of medical technology. As a society that is intrigued by technology, a lot of…

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