The Problem Of Flu Vaccines Essay examples

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A critical dilemma in current healthcare lies in the dispute to receive vaccinations for the flu. This debate has existed for years and shows no signs of ceasing. Many proponents of flu vaccines claim the vaccines are crucial to maintain a healthy state. Opponents of flu vaccines claim the vaccines propose an even greater hazard to one’s health. As the National Vaccine Information Center stated, “Battle lines are drawn,” between those in favor and against vaccinations. Even Japan has taken a stand by outlawing flu vaccines all together (Hope). These proposals and drastic changes pose the question, are flu vaccines truly beneficial? With the inadequate health benefits, hazardous components, and virulent side effects, the welfare of flu vaccines no longer promote a safe and effective solution to flu prevention. Despite improving technology and research, the flu vaccine only shortens the length of an already mutating disease. A common misconception about flu vaccines comprises that they prevent people from getting sick. A holistic healthcare specialist, Dr. Richard Powers gives some insight on the true purpose of a vaccine; “The flu shot does not prevent you from getting the flu. At best, it may shorten your symptoms by ½ day” (Powers). Flu vaccines simply do not have the capability of preventing an entire flu. According to Dr. Powers, they only decreases symptoms by a maximum of a half a day, a mere 12 hours. Additionally, Dr. Powers states that “[b]y the time one [flu…

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