The Problem Facing The United States Essay

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Breaking News: San Bernardino mass shooting: 14 people dead, 21 wounded (Desocio); US trade deficit rises in February to 6-month high (Press); As US economics change, the term “middle class” fades away (Gedeon). Some say that these headlines are not important enough for the U.S to be focusing on them. For example, in a Gallup poll, people were asked, what is the most important problem facing the United States today? When it came to non-economic problems, terrorism only received 4% of the vote (Most Important Problem). What these people don’t know is that if these problems are not fixed, then, in the long run, these problems will hit the United States hard. Throughout its history, America has faced many significant problems; however the three greatest issues facing America today and in the future are threats to the nation’s security, disadvantages in trade with other countries, and the fading away of the middle class. Terrorism has always been a threat to the safety of the United States, but since the attacks on September 11, 2001, killing thousands of people, the threat of terrorism has grown throughout the country. One such attack recently occurred. On December 2, 2015, a married couple who pledged allegiance to ISIS targeted a holiday party in a San Bernardino, California office building, killing 14 innocent people and wounding 22 more (Botelho). Currently, ISIS is the most threatening terror group to the United States. They have made many terror threats against the…

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