The Problem Faced By Olutions Essay

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olutions can now begin to be generated. A problem faced daily within the HSHS-EWD prior authorization and radiology departments is orders for diagnostic testing like ultrasounds, CT scans, MRI, and PET scans being ordered incorrectly. When an order is placed it is scheduled as is, and then drops into the prior authorization work queue. An authorization is obtained prior to the scheduled appointment. The system works well, until an order is placed incorrectly and changes need to be made. This results in a delay of patient care, increased expenses due to staff time and resources, increase in appointments being cancelled and rescheduled, decreased productivity in the radiology department, and an overall decrease in patient satisfaction. Typically, the day before a procedure is scheduled the technologist review the orders with the radiologist. If a test does not meet certain imaging criteria and guidelines the doctor’s office has to be contacted to discuss protocol and have the order updated. The order then is resent to the prior authorization department who has to contact the insurance companies to reauthorize the procedure. While this is often possible, certain contrast changes are subject to review and denials. This results in having to cancel and reschedule procedures. If a technologist does not catch the incorrect order prior to the appointment, test often have to be redone on a different date of service to obtain the appropriate test for the given diagnosis and…

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