The Price Of Silence By Laura Recalls Essay

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In her essay “The Price of Silence” Laura recalls remarkable experience in her 10th grade when she did not report her friend, Jeff, cheating in the chemistry final test. Laura was aware of the incident, but she didn’t recognize the impact of cheating in her young age. Therefore, she fell in line with the crowd and considered the cheating was not “a big deal” (77). High-school students should speak up to report cheating because of its negative impacts and consequences in the future.
Student must consider cheating is a serious offensive rather than a common thing. Most students consider cheating is justified and nothing to do with it, and they seem not to care about it. Instead, they ignore cheating or even support it to deal with instructor. Laura has pointed out clearly in her essay “Surprisingly, when I mentioned the incident to others in the class, they all knew that Jeff had done. Some even thought that Jeff’s actions were justified” (77). Highs-school students should change their view, and take action to consider cheating is a big problem.
There will be no hard-working, and efforts from students because they still have good grades, pass the class by cheating. This is definitely unfair for students who spend time and efforts to study in order to get the well-paid off from the test while others use cheating in the test. But the problem is cheating students still have same grades or pass the class. Laura brings up the idea by emphasizing “It seemed unfair that I had studied…

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