The Price Of Junk Food And Electronic Devices Essay

1003 Words Apr 13th, 2016 null Page
In a perfect world, everyone would be fit and beach body ready all the time, but sadly in the U.S. that is not the case. The government and other organizations have stressed the importance of being healthy and the serious dangers that come with being overweight, yet the obesity rate is still climbing. The price of junk food and electronic devices, such as cell phones, is steadily declining while the price of healthy food and fitness machines are constantly on the rise. For an example; a salad at McDonalds is more expensive than some of the burgers that are sold there. With these continuous changes it has become challenging to maintain a healthy life style. Thankfully, gym memberships can help get people back on track and put an end to the growing obesity rates. Not only do we feel better after a work out because of the endorphins our brains release, we also enjoy seeing results and improving our body image. This then causes us to go back for more, thus getting addicted to going to the gym. Another reason some may join a gym is because of the need to be able to defend themselves in their day to day lives, and some gyms offer classes such as self-defense. So why do people join a gym when they can exercise at home for free some may ask? It is because gym memberships offer more than just a pricy work out. Individuals join gyms because of the benefit exercising has on their mental health, the increase in one’s social activity, and the advanced opportunities. Joining a…

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