Essay on The Price Of College For College

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The Price of College College can be an extremely big adjustment for most high school graduates so it is important that universities help make this transition as easy as possible. Pre-paid meal plans should be an option, not a requirement for all upcoming freshmen at colleges. Almost all universities require their freshmen to live in dorms and purchase a meal plan to eat on campus. Although this can be a convenience to some, others may not want or feel the need to purchase a meal plan due to money, dietary requirements, and food preferences. Paying for college tuition is already a huge burden to most American families. That cost is even more when books, Greek life, housing, and transportation are accounted for. With all of these added purchases, money for eating should not be a factor that could break the bank. Some may argue that buying a meal plan would save money the first year because it is a set price and includes meals and snacks for the whole year. However, according to one article, “meal plans are expensive, and most students don’t take full advantage of them” which results in a waste of money (Landes). The left over money not spent can sometimes be carried over to the next semester. However, at most universities, “if you elect not to have a meal plan at all in subsequent years, there is no carryover at all” (Warner). The reason colleges do this is to make sure they earn a profit. This does not benefit the student at all and “most people can eat quite well and…

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