The Value Of College Education

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College education? Is it really worth the price or is it overrated like a many other things in the world. First, finish high school. Then go to college and get a degree. College education is education and training beyond high school, the purpose of college education is to explore new opportunities and prepare you for the world. The price of college education is rising, but is it still worth it? Nowadays you have alternatives to a college education and in some cases they are better than a college degree. The price of college education is causing graduates to come out with debt. Even if you come out of college with a degree the unemployment is rising for college graduates. In today 's world you may find a college graduate working at mcdonald …show more content…
Many people are considering trade school or vocational school instead of college education. Vocational school is taking over the educational world, it is up and coming and on the rise. More and more high school graduates are deciding to go to vocational school instead of college because of many reasons. Vocational school is not as costly as college and you can come out and get a job that pays well. As with college you will come out with a degree and debt. Trade schools provide just as many opportunities like college. College takes up too much time and money just for you to end up without a job or working a job that you are overqualified for. Many high school graduates are going to college so that they can come out with a degree in and start there own business one day. Well according to studies done in 2013 many college graduates that went on to become a successful entrepreneur say that they feel that they could of been where they are now without attending college. Although there are many confounding factors to consider when skipping college to start a business like how much the start up cost is. Even though no two business are alike from MCdonalds to Burger King the price to start up a business on average is 30,000 according to a study done in 2009 and a based franchise can be started on average from 1,000-5,000. Now the average price of a four year college degree in north carolina is 127,000 a year. That 's a tremendous difference in price. The average cost of college in North Carolina is $127,000 and 70% of students take out loans to pay for college. Over 20% of students that take out loans to pay for college owe more than $50,000 and 5.6% owe over $100,000. The average cost of trade school is $33,000 compared to average

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