The Prevalence Of The Elderly Population Essay

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MacArthur foundation addresses the facts and myths on the subject of the increasing elderly population in need of health care. A research network focuses on the increase of aging Americans and the changes society will need to make. Myth #1 brings to attention that after the baby boomer generation dies off their will still be a problem with an increasing population of people over 60. Life expectancy at birth rose rapidly in the 20th century by more than 30 year. The population will maintain an exponential growth rate; however, increase of obesity and diabetes my cause a decline in life expediency. Myth #2 addresses the misconception that the elderly are mentally and physically disabled and offer little use to society. The period of time people are physically active is increasing faster than the increase of life expediency. This period of active physical life is referred to as “compression of morbidity.” There is still a concern of the increase in people younger than 65 having a form of disability in relation to the increase in asthma, obesity, and diabetes. Myth #3 argues the belief that complications of old age only effects the elderly. Due to the increase of elderly needing government assisted health care, funding my be taken from education or other government funded programs. Myth #4 focuses on the believed tension in politics between the old and young. There is a misunderstanding that the old vote only on issues for their own self-perseverance on such issues as…

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