The Presidential Election Has Left People Uncertain About What Will Happen?

744 Words Oct 21st, 2016 3 Pages
The upcoming election has left people uncertain about what will happen to our country. For college students, this election is a big turning point in our lives because this is the first time any of us can actually vote in a presidential election. There are certain issues that seem to catch the attention of younger voters but there are other issues that pertain to older voters. Even though people think that the younger generation will be the group to have a major impact on the election, but I also think that the older generation will have a major impact as well. With the dividedness of this election, I interviewed my Nana (my dad’s mom) to hear her opinion and to see her perspective on certain issues. The three main issues she is most concerned with are healthcare, social security (benefits), and concerns with crime. The first issue is would want to be addressed is healthcare and the reason why she would want it to be addressed is because of the cost of medicine and healthcare. My Nana lives alone and is not currently employed; she is concerned that within the next couple of years, she will not be able to afford medicine or any type of health care due the expensive cost of both. Along with being able to afford medicine and health care, another concern of hers is having access to quality doctors and medical facilities. She would want to future President to address how the cost of healthcare is going to affect those who are 65 and older and how they would make sure that people…

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