Essay about The Pregnancy Of Teenage Girls

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For centuries contraception has been available to teenage girls all around the world. As years pass by teenagers find cheaper and easier ways to obtain the pill. Teenage girls may be tricking their own parents into buying or getting them a prescription for birth control. Some teens will try to find any possible way to acquire contraception because they are sexually active. The unsettling truth is young teenage girls are more focused on sexual activities instead of their childhood. Contraception is not only used for teenage girls who are sexually active, but they are also used to regulate irregular menstrual cycles. Once teenagers start to consume birth control, their menstrual cycles will be controlled to where it will come at a certain time each month. When taking some forms of contraception teenage girls may not have a menstrual cycle. On the other hand, teenagers could be using this as an excuse to be put on birth control for sexual activity. A CBS News reporter stated “Those teens who are having sex are using more contraception”. Therefore, teenagers are being protective, but what does this cost them in the long run (“Birth Control Pill: Side Effects, Effectiveness, How the Pill Works, and Types.” Web; “Birth Control.” Web; Morales Web)?
With birth control teenage girls feel as though they do not have to worry about those pesky unwanted pregnancies. What they do not know is that some of the emergency contraception pills do not work and will not lessen their chance of…

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