The Predictors Of Successful Co Parenting Essay

1998 Words Dec 10th, 2014 8 Pages
A literature review on the predictors of successful co-parenting was conducted, and how they contributed to a cooperative parenting style. Variables of communication and conflict were explored and the most influential factors related to each variable were identified and discussed. It was found that there are effects of both communication and conflict on the co-parenting relationship, mediated by personality factors of both the children and the parents involved as well as social factors. Therefore it was found to be important to consider each co-parenting relationship as having a unique set of risks, which should be tailored to in any clinical interventions.
Over the years, it is clear that the prevalence of divorce has increased significantly and it has been estimated that around 42% of marriages in the UK now end in divorce (Office for National Statistics, 2012). As a large proportion of those who divorce are parents, an increasing number of children are also going through this experience and have to adjust to both emotional and structural changes in their family system. In the past, children of divorced parents tended to remain under the care of the mother, however studies have shown that more recently the amount of parents who share custody of their children is growing (Melli, Brown and Cancian, 1997). This essay will explore the literature on co-parenting which is some degree of interaction between divorced parents that are both still involved in making…

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