The Pounding On The Bedroom Door Essay

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The insistent pounding on the bedroom door forced Millie’s puffy red eyes open, “WHAT!”
“Dad said to come to breakfast.”
“Susan, get away from the door!”
“Fine, suit your selfish self! You can starve for all I care. Dad won’t have any trouble dragging your snotty, teenage body out of bed.” Millie listened as Susan’s feet pounded up the stairs, “Dad, Millie won’t get up.”
Max shouted from the top step, “Millicent, do I have to come down there and haul your fanny out of bed?”
“No!” Millie screamed.
Millie swung her legs over the side of the bed, slowly dragging her sleep-deprived body from the warmth of the blankets. The sound and smell of sizzling bacon drifted into her room. Breakfast was the least of Millie’s concerns. Fear enveloped her as she tried to imagine flying in an airplane, something neither she nor her siblings had ever done before. Flying alone, without parents, the responsibility for her younger brother and sisters weighed heavily upon her. “I’ll push that Susan right out the door if she gives me any trouble.” Dropping to the floor in a heap she sobbed, “I just can’t do it.”
Rubbing her throbbing temples, Millie surveyed the near-empty room. Who would take possession of her bedroom once the movers packed all her belongings? Would the new owners discover her secret hiding place in the ceiling? Rising from the floor like a zombie, she rummaged through the few shirts and slacks that managed to escape her rampage of the previous night. She pulled her arms through…

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