Social Media's Impact On Higher Education

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Impact of Social media on Higher Education
Abhinav Kathuria1
1DCSA, Panjab University,Chandigarh
Abstract: In today’s world, almost everybody is using Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. Social media helps people to connect, share ideas, content, information etc. It has great impact on higher education as well. It is also a big part of students. Students and teachers are connected with each other on social media to share information and are making a good use of it. Professors are using social media to host live lectures and are also offering support for problem solving. Professors are also using social media for branding professionally and creating a name for them.
Few individuals can have did not notice
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Users of social media area unit connecting to every different in spite of national boundaries, culture or faith at intervals fields and across industries. “Social Media strongly supports the logic to stay each students and also the establishments updated with the evolving desires and offerings, by permitting them to possess a additional direct and social level of relation”. Technology in today’s society permits varied ways that for college kids to remain informed and alert to offerings at their universities. per a annual survey of Social Media Use by educational activity school done by Perason Learning resolution (2013) the utilization of Social Media in teaching has big twenty one,3 like 2012 (34 %) to 2013 (41%). an equivalent supply indicates that the interactive nature of on-line and mobile technologies produce higher learning environments which data communication has accrued communication with students. Students area unit active on the social media platforms Facebook and Twitter and have the power to get pertinent data concerning their field centers. Another study analized by Davis supported a 456 U.S. academic establishments shows that the utilization of social media is increasing, 100% showing that they use a minimum of some sort of social media, particularly leading the usage of Facebook (98%) and Twitter (84 %) . Impact on Students:
By using social media, students are able to communicate or
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Most believe its use in higher education is disputed, however what if we have a tendency to started thinking outside the box? Individuals use sites like to rate alternative websites, and merchandise reviews on What if we have a tendency to displayed courses for student reviews on our site? New students would be able to read reviews on categories once attempting to make their picks, particularly for general education courses. Courses with great reviews can seemingly receive higher enrollments, with none extra price to market these categories. directors would seemingly worry concerning the categories that would receive poor reviews – however whether or not you modify this feature or not, these conversations square measure happening elsewhere, seemingly on sites you have got no management over. Social media offers advancement professionals an excellent chance for keeping in touch with alumni once they graduate. Facebook is one of the fashionable tools they are currently exploitation to stay to bear with recent alumni. Alumni that square measure a lot of in touch with their school, and people there, square measure a lot of apt to be future donors to the school. However, in keeping with the E-Expectations category of 2007 Report, eightieth of the high school students surveyed aforementioned they need no explore for a school they were considering attending on MySpace or Facebook. And, only 27% report

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