The Positive Effects Of Gmos ( Genetically Modified Organisms ) On The World

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The Positive Effects of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) on the World.

GMOs are created when scientists modify plants and animals, by mixing genes from different species with each other, or by simply removing specific genes altogether. GMOs are greatly misunderstood by many people. Simply describing something as a GMO is vague. For example, a GMO could be referring to an elephant egg modified into a mammoth, or corn that produces pesticides. Often people are quick to judge them negatively without knowing what they actually are. One of the biggest public concerns about GMOs, is the use of GMOs in agriculture. GMOs have the potential to be a solution to hunger, prevent malnutrition, be better for the environment and address allergies. However despite the positive effects, much of the incentive for the creation of GMOs is money. If biotechnologists are to continue to create GMOs they should create them in favour of long term sustainability, taking into account the effects of GMOs on ecosystems, economies, animals and humans.
The way GMOs currently affect, agriculture is vast. It is argued that we have enough food on this planet to feed 14 billion people. However, much of this food gets wasted in production, food processing, and retail. With the increase in population, we may need even more food. Even if we do have enough food, the food isn’t getting to all the people who need it. GMOs could potentially help solve these issues by increasing the yield of crops. By using…

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