The Pollution Of Coal Power Essay

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Coal power plants are one of the top polluting sources of carbon dioxide in the world, just behind vehicle emissions. The article ‘Coal power: pollution, politics, and profits’ states that the “Negative health effects on the nearby human population, plant life, and wildlife have been hard to quantify precisely and thoroughly, and are generally not included in the cost of coal power to the consumer” (Laskowski). Due to this, the general population is not aware of how destructive this power source is. Coal power produces a number of problems that directly and indirectly effect human health, environment, and global warming. Coal contains Sulfur, and when it is burned for energy it produces Sulfur oxide. Nitrogen oxide is also emitted into the air when coal is burned at a very high temperature. Both of these toxic chemicals cause direct damage to the environment; as the article states, “Nitrogen oxides contribute to the greenhouse effect, the formation of acid rain, ground level ozone production, and photochemical smog” (Laskowski). Mercury is another pollutant that emits from coal power plants and is a very toxic chemical that effects our drinking water and food. This results in severe health problems in many areas. Coal power plants are a serious threat to our planet. They destroy sensitive ecosystems, contaminate our food and water resources, is the primary cause to global warming, and creates health problems. In response to this, I believe the world population needs to move…

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