The Politics Of Gun Control Essay

756 Words Feb 18th, 2016 4 Pages
In America gun control is a topic that has been in dispute for decades. The politics of gun control remain to be a polarizing topic in the United States, as it involves the tough trade-offs between liberty, public safety, public law, and collective security. However, reactions to tragic events such as shooting massacres have led the topic to transition from laws regulating the constitutional “right to keep and bear arms” to laws expanding access to firearms and the “right to carry” firearms. The issue here is not whether one should have the right to carry firearms, but rather the right to carry on college campuses. Recently Texas has passed Senate Bill 11, more commonly known as the “campus carry” bill, which allows the carrying of concealed firearms on college campuses. Although allowing guns on campus represents a safety hazard, most believe guns are essential in preventing school shootings. Unfortunately, however, licensing guns to students can be more detrimental than beneficial to the security and safety of learning institutions.
Introducing guns into colleges and universities would be disruptive to the learning environment. One cannot possibly focus on their studies in a classroom with the prospect that a fellow classmate sitting next to them is armed and dangerous. It is unlikely that students will participate in classroom discussions and voluntarily express their opinions. Thus having a negative impact on one’s academic experience. Students, as well as professors,…

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