The Police Officer Commits A Crime Essay

1208 Words Nov 21st, 2014 null Page
These days if a police officer commits a crime or is caught abusing his or her power it is is not something we haven not heard of already because of the majority of cases that have been brought up in the past decade., it is not something we have not heard of already. Towns like Baltimore, Maryland MD, Rialto, CaliforniaA and Amsterdam, New YorkY have begun taking action towards this abuse of power by police officers. Currently some these towns have introduced BWC (body worn cameras (BWC)) as a solution that many Americans are supportingsupport. This would help monitor the way cops treats minorities as oppsed to white Americans due to the number of cases were cops have been cought abusing there power towards minoritiesThis is being introduced for when cops commonly stopped minorities instead of someone who is white. Monitoring them is the best solution, and people agree that a new version of internal affairs should be established to monitor cops but there are other Americans who believe if they are wronged by a cop they or their friends can pull out a phone and record and report the whole thing. First of here are just some examples of police abuse here in the United States. but the main question is, monitored by whom? Internal affairs? Or the public? Police abuse has begun to become a serious issue in the United States. With cases like the Michael Brown shooting that took place in Ferguson, Missouri. The cop who shot and killed Brown, claims that he did it in self-defense.…

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