The Importance Of Police Should Wear Body Cameras

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Police Should Wear Body Cameras
Being in law enforcement isn 't a easy job. The goal of a police officer is to protect and serve the civilians. Lately, police brutality has been a hot topic of discussion due to some police officers taking their power to extreme measures when dealing with the public. Many unarmed minorities were being killed at the hands of officers all over the United States. According to the website, "37% of unarmed minorities were killed by police in 2015 and on 10 out of the 102 cases, the police were actually charged with the crime" (Mapping Violence, 2015). This raised a red flag in the eye of the public and they started asking questions and demanding answers. To solve this issue, police
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Eric Garner a New York resident was killed due to police brutality. The police approached him accusing him for selling loosies illegally which was false. After being harassed by the police, he expressed that he was tired of being harassed. At that moment four police officers tackled garner to the ground to arrest him. Banging his head to the ground while Garner yell "I cant breathe". That certainly didn 't stop the officers from beating him. Eric Garner later died due to chokehold of the neck and physical restraint. This event was recorded by an innocent bystander but that didn 't hold up in court because the police officers were not held accountable for this …show more content…
What happens if a police come across a case dealing with domestic violence or a rape victim? Will that have to be on video? Also how will they handle situations like this? To start off police should definitely wear the cameras at all time while on duty no matter the situation. But when it is time to present the evidence, it should be giving in right away. The police officers should then be presented with a new tape to go out on duty. Another concern people have with the cameras is that witnesses that can testify to a crime may not want to because they fear if they testify against the person, retaliation will occur. This will make a lot of unsolved

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