The Police Department Is The Chief Of Police Essay

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The organizational structure is set up much like the military. Power and authority is held by the chief executive officer who is the Chief of Police. The chief can delegate power, authority, and responsibility downward, but ultimately it is the chief who is responsible. Staffing wise, the police department consist of sixty-nine sworn, certified police officers when fully staffed. The officers are divided into three divisions, the administrative division, patrol division and, the special operations division (SOD) which is responsible for all investigations. The patrol division also includes a traffic division, an interstate traffic unit, and a community police officer. The detective division, also known as SOD, consist of general detectives and a narcotics division. The investigation division, or SOD, is headed by a captain and a lieutenant. There are seven general detectives assigned to SOD along with a total of five drug investigators. All drug investigators work directly under the supervision of the captain of SOD. Two of the drug investigators/detectives are assigned to task forces with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). One detective is assigned to a multi-agency task force that is charged with investigating prescription drug abuse. The investigations conducted involve prescription drug fraud and the illegal or overprescribing of prescription narcotics by so-called pain clinics. The other drug investigator/detective is assigned to a multi-agency task force…

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