The Plan Of Prevention For The Health And Safety Of Workers At Their Service

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The employer must ensure the health and safety of workers at their service in all aspects of

their work, for which there will be able to develop, deploy, and implement a plan of prevention

for labour risks.To assess the risks plan and execute the preventive activity.In attention to the

number of workers and the nature and dangerousness of the activities carried out,a safety

professional should be able to carry out the plan of prevention of any occupational risks,

evaluation of risks and planning of preventive activity in a simplified manner, provided that this

does not result in a reduction in the level of protection of the safety and health of workers and

in the terms established by the regulations may determine.The Plan of prevention for labour

risks is the tool through which it integrates the preventive activity of the company in their

general management system, establishing the politics of prevention of labour risks.

The Plan should be reflected in a document that will be kept at the disposal of the labour

authorities, health authorities and the representatives of the workers if any, and shall include, to

the extent appropriate to the size and characteristics of the company, the identification of the

enterprise, its productive activity, the number and characteristics of the work centers and the

number of workers and their characteristics with relevance in the prevention of occupational

hazards.The organizational structure of…

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