The Picture Up Top Of Asia 's True Form Essay

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The picture up top is of Asia 's true form

My vision was fuzzy as I opened my eyes to darkness that seemed to surround me.

I noticed the ground around me was cold and damp and my body ached in pain as I tried to move.

Managing to get up I all most screamed when my eyes cleared up some and I saw my wings and horns.

Confused for a moment I then remembered when happened the day before and a tear slid down my check.

Searching the area all that could be seen where fallen trees and the grey sky. There were no sign of anyone anywhere.

Not even animals seemed to be in the area.
I tried to walk, but my legs were weak.

I looked back at my wings , and smiled before shooting up into the air wings extended.

I could feel the cold air brush against my skin as if they were giving me soft kisses as I fell through the air.

Looking down I could see the whole woods and I fell into confusion.

The warm brown woods was a leafy paradise. The ancient trees had creaking branches that stretched away from the crinkly floor.

And I smiled as I saw snuffling boar eat under combs of feathery moss and scurrying squirrels searched for food under bristles of wispy moss. Then looking back where I woke up from the area looked dead, but why?

Flying towards a nearby area where the ground was rich with green grass and mushrooms grew under the shady roof of the trees where berries lay ripening under the leafy dome of the woods.

I flew towards the…

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