The Physics Of The Space Essay

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For a CAS to operate most effectively it must operate in a space where creativity is not stifled by an over exercised level of control yet the system is not allowed to destructure and descend into chaos (Aydinoglu, 2010; Kim & Mackey, 2014; Marchi et al., 2014; Wang et al., 2015). The space a CAS best operates is often termed the edge of chaos and requires a system that is highly adaptive to maintain this position (Aydinoglu, 2010; Kim & Mackey, 2014; Marchi et al., 2014; Wang et al., 2015). Diversity and heterogeneity of ideas, elements, and agents are essential items to pay attention to in a CAS due to their ability to provide stability or initiate change (Jordon et al., 2010). In a CAS equilibrium is never truly experienced due to the influences constantly placed on the system (Aydinoglu, 2010). The struggle becomes moderating these influences or adapting to the influences in order to maintain operation in a zone where creative processes are not diminished to maximize learning and innovation (Marchi et al., 2014). Providing creative space on the edge of chaos requires agents involved in blended learning to respect the other agents involved and avoid major impositions of change or predetermined solutions so adaptations can evolve (Ellis, 2011). Major impositions in a blended learning environment can lead to a focus on maintenance of equilibrium rather than innovation and lead to a system becoming nested in a comfortable state rather than moving toward continuous…

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