The Physics Of Original Hypothesis Essay

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Original Hypothesis: Prior to performing any measurements or calculations in the lab, it was originally hypothesized that the 10 mL volumetric pipette would be the most precise and most accurate instrument, while the 10mL graduated cylinder would be the least precise and least accurate instrument.
Sample Calculation: For the 10 mL volumetric pipette, three weight of water measurements were taken by first weighing a beaker on the scale, measuring 10 mL of water with a volumetric pipette, putting the measured amount of water into the beaker, and then reweighing the beaker. Next, the weight of water was calculated by subtracting the weight of the empty beaker from the weight of the beaker containing water. These values were then converted to water volume using the density of water at a temperature of 19.5 °C; 0.998 g/ml. The weight of water measurements, 9.82 g, 9.90 g, and 9.94 g, were converted to water volume by dividing by 0.998 g/ml as shown below. Volume = (9.82 g) / (0.998 g/mL) = 9.84 mL Volume = (9.90 g) / (0.998 g/mL) = 9.92 mL Volume = (9.94 g) / (0.998 g/mL) = 9.96 mL
The average water volume was then calculated by averaging the three obtained water volumes. Average Volume = (9.48 mL + 9.92 mL + 9.96 mL) 3 = 9.91 mL
Instruments that are both precise and accurate provide the best measurements. The closer repeated measurements are to each other in value, the more precise an instrument is. The closer a measurement is to…

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