The Physician 's Primary Inviolate Role Essay

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In medicine verbal communication allows the doctors to have a stable relationship with the patient, physicians, care system and society. According to Charles (2002), “ The physician’s primary inviolate role is as an active advocate for each patient’s care and well-being” (p. 198) because of the expectations placed on physicians based on the assumption that they experts in their field and be a source of information. Being able to provide useful and accurate information makes the process where doctors makes decisions more exact because trust forms through bounding because of interactions; this allow the doctor to encourage a treatment that will help them. Charles explains that, “ the physician should treat each patient with honesty, compassion, dignity and respect for the individual autonomy” (p.198) because each patient is unalike any other. Patients have different responses and tolerance to practices and treatments. Patient’s responses can be the result of having different genetics therefore the responses varies. Focusing further significance on the patient allows the doctor-patient relationship to strengthen as well. To be able to prevent or improve a health condition with exchanges from the patient and doctor Charles found that, “ the physicians commitment to patients include health education and continuity of care” (p. 198) because speaking and informing the patient eliminates the need to have an existing treatment that may or may not work. Besides having to build a…

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