Essay on The Philosophy Of Teaching And Learning

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Introduction The educational philosopher Maxine Greene (1973) challenged educators to "do philosophy." What is philosophy? She stated that "we need to take risk of thinking about what we do when we teach and what we mean when we talk of enabling others to learn" (Valiga, T., p.107, 2012). I believe that the philosophy of teaching is a guide for learning and development. Nursing is viewed as both an art and a science. Nursing is also expressed as a caring, therapeutic and teaching discipline. According to Teresa J. Seright, Instructor at Minot State University stated that philosophy of teaching, like a philosophy of nursing, can serve as an organizing framework to guide practice. Her 5 major teaching philosophy are the following: 1) In order to be effective-to be a ‘good teacher’- She must continue to be an expert practitioner, able to teach through positive modeling in the clinical and classroom setting. 2) Teaching shapes learning and learning shapes teaching. She articulates this concept to students as a way of emphasizing their role in our relationship and in learning. 3) Success is not measured by a letter grade. The outcome of learning is reflected in the transformation that occurs in students as they demonstrate skills and the ability to make connections between theory and practice; as they engage in creative problem solving and new ways of communicating with others. 4) Learning is an action verb. It is best facilitated when students are engaged in…

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