The Philosophy Of Progressivism : The Curriculum For A Progressivist

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Each individual has a philosophy for how they plan to educate their students. This philosophy reflects how the subject will be taught, the way the classroom will be handled, and how a student will be evaluated. Among the five declared teaching philosophies, there are many different views on how to educate while in the classroom. Although no philosophy is right or wrong, I am best aligned with the philosophy of Progressivism. The curriculum for a progressivist revolves around personal experiences, interests, and the needs of each student (Philosophy of Education 2016). Progressivism incorporates active learning, interaction to improve social skills, and understanding of different views. Being a progressivist, I believe students learn best from what is most interesting or relevant to their lives. I have grown up being taught by progressivists, and I really enjoyed my learning experience. I think it was very beneficial to participate socially, in groups, and outside of the classroom. Reflecting on past experiences, I have seen progressivism in my actions before I even realized I wanting to be an educator. For example, on two mission trips spent in Guatemala, I practiced teaching the children English. I did not have them sit at a desk and read or lecture to them. We would go outside on an “adventure” and practice the English words for the objects around us. The kids would state the English word for the object they were learning and then teach me the Spanish word for it. They…

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