Essay on The Philosophical Argument Of Abortion

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What I would like to discuss in this paper are the philosophical arguments regarding abortion. These arguments are deontological. I am going to talk about the reasons why certain pro-life parties believe Abortion is immoral and wrong. I am also going to talk about why the pro-choice parties believe abortion should not be mandated by the government, but should be a choice made by the woman. The pro-life parties believe that abortion should be illegal, generally for these reasons; the moral right to life of a person begins at conception, induced abortions are an unjust killing which violate the fetus’s right to life, and that the law should not allow such unjust violations to life. The pro-choice parties argue that; women should have the right to control what happens inside and to their own body, abortion is simply an exercise of this right, and that the law should not be able to bring criminal charges to someone who has the right to control what happens to their body. Now I would like to take a deeper look into the philosophical view on the argument of why abortion is immoral and wrong. Anti-abortion supporters claim that it is a very simple concept of why abortion is immoral. For example, Don Marquis, an anti-abortion supporter states, “It is wrong to kill innocent human beings. Fetuses are innocent human beings. Therefore, it is wrong to kill fetuses.” Pro-life supporters argue that life begins at conception, making abortion the same as murder. Murder is wrong,…

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