The Pest Analysis Of Tune Hotel

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3.1 Environmental Analysis
3.1.1 PEST Analysis
In aligning with the indicatives of Malaysian Tourism Industry
PEST Analysis conclude that in conjunction with the Malaysian government, Malaysian Tourism Industry has initiated several hotel and destination development schemes under the slogan: “Malaysia, Truly Asia”. Malaysia’s economic stability, scenic beauty, the metropolitan extravaganza offered at cities like Kuala Lumpur (KL) and the government’s generous incentives and tax cuts for hoteling operations, together make up an ideal environment for Tune Hotels. Heavy tourist influx secure promising demand and technological advancements in the country cater to the needs of communications and distribution mixes for the hotel.

3.2 Competitor Analysis
3.2.1 Blue Ocean Strategy
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and Johnson Suisse (M) Sdn. Bhd. for various outfitting items. They also named each floor of its hotel building after a sponsor such as King Koil, Pensonic, CIMB Bank, Nippon Paint, Orlando and Maggie, respectively. These strategic partners give Tune hotel the ability to generate income by fully capitalizing its building capacity. Strong relationship with Air Asia is one of the biggest advantages of Tune Hotel.
After the interview session, we had a precious opportunity to explore from floor to floor. From then, we can see that each floor have different design based on the design, color and logo from the advertisers. King Koil advertisement can be seen along the corridor in the first floor; Pensonic Holding advertisement in the second floor; CIMB bank in third floor; Nippon Paint in the fourth floor; Orlando in the fifth floor; Maggi in the sixth floor and finally Marigold advertisement in the seventh floor. The wall gallery design along the corridor is unique and attracted most of

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