Biology Chapter Summary: Pseudoscience And Testable Science

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Prologue: The prologue chapter introduces biology and it’s meaning. It states the difference between pseudoscience and testable science. For example, evil forces do not kill the living contents in the biosphere nor do the gods help keep it alive. Instead, the biosphere is based on scientific explanations from observations, inferences, and experiments. In these experiments, there are testable hypotheses, such as whether your plant will die or why the plant grew to the top of the bottle. Biology is directly linked with technology when using the scientific method in an experiment. For the biosphere, we used microscopes to sample the water. This was done to see if there is life in the pond culture. With further experimentation, this helps us determine why the biosphere is or is not thriving in life. …show more content…
Chemical reactions are constantly occurring in cells. In these reactions, molecules and energy interact to form new substances. In my biosphere, chemical reactions help form substances that help with growth and maintenance in living organisms. Also, after the chemical reactions occur, energy is either released, stored, or used. Macromolecules are necessary to sustain life. These are nucleic acids, lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates which are all necessities of life. These macromolecules help organisms in my biosphere function, reproduce, and grow. In the organisms of my biosphere, carbohydrates serve as a primary energy source. The nucleic acids stores genetic information. The lipids store energy. The proteins are required for structure. These are all found in my biosphere and are necessary for it to stay alive. Chapter

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