Essay about The Personality Type Of The Uk

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According to a news webpage based out of the UK “we spend approximately 6 months of our lives waiting in line” (Mirror, 2009). Everyone will agree that is an immense amount of time waiting in line. Waiting in line, there are three different personality types that tend to emerge. We can draw certain conclusions from these three different personality types. We will look at type A the aggressive, type B the passive-aggressive, and type C the passive that shows signs of anxiety.
The first personality type is the most noticeable standing in line. The aggressive type shows signs of annoyance and aggravation. They will disrupt the other people standing in line by acting out their aggressiveness. The aggressive type’s anger derives from a past event. Anger does not appear as a personality trait without some base of something proceeding it. Psychologist Christy Matty stated “But often after we 've encountered a stressful event, say [...] can cause us to overthink things and become stuck in negative thoughts of past failures. [...] from Needless Anxiety, Worry, Anger, and Other Symptoms of Stress" (Matty, PsychCentral). We can conclude from this that past events and failures ultimately lead to needless anxiety, worry and anger. This type of person likes being the center of attention and is not afraid of it. She or he perhaps thrives on the chance of being seen, weather negative or positive does not matter. We can see evidence of this in one Psychologist’s blog who calls himself…

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