Similarities Between Depression And Anxiety

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People are often unclear of the difference between the terms depression and anxiety. As both obtain a great impact on millions of individuals around the world, there is a great distinction between the two definitions. Depression can be categorized as a serious medical condition in which one feels a sensation of sadness, hopelessness, and unimportance rendering the motivation for everyday life. Anxiety on the other hand can be described as a sense of intense fear, nervousness, or anxious feelings towards various future events. The words depression and anxiety can be seen as two distinct definitions that hold great differences along with bright similarities in traits.
Depression comes with a variety of emotions including emptiness, loss, and
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Anxiety on the other hand can be considered much more hectic within an individual’s life. This disorder can be defined as a sense of doubt or vulnerability when looking towards future events. The attention of an individual diagnosed with anxiety lies heavily on worrisome thoughts and anxious sensations when it comes to various things that can change the outcome of one’s future life. Day to day actions such as decision making, simple tasks, and communication can become rather difficult to a person suffering with this form of mental illness. One can have hundreds of thoughts and situations played out within their mind all at the same time. It provides an extremely difficult environment to focus which occasionally leads to an overwhelming feeling of confusion and terror resulting in serious breakdowns known as panic attacks. In some cases, one can feel as if there is someone inhibiting the back of their mind exposing all their anxious feelings providing a sense of failure and loss. Anxiety supplies a false assumption that the problems an individual faces, whether simple or grand, are unable to be solved resulting in

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