Argumentative Essay On Anxiety And Depression

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As a preamble I am going to use the following argument. As I am professional increasingly more involved in mental health in the community of Waukesha. In this capacity I am witnessing the crippling effects that Anxiety followed by depression has on people in varying stages of their lives. Secondly I have a house member who is diagnosed with general anxiety with an emphasis on social anxiety resulting in depression.
Anxiety; is according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) described as following; that a person’s fear or anxiety be out of proportion in frequency and/or duration to the actual situation. The symptoms must be persistent, lasting six months or longer. The DSM-5 also states that in order for a person
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Depressed mood or a loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities for more than two weeks. A serious consequence with both Anxiety and depression are thoughts of self-harm, death or active suicide, and suicide planning.
Sigmund Freud a well-known Austrian neurologist and the main founder of psychoanalysis has said once, environment influence human behavior. Psychoanalysis is based on the concept that past experiences and repressed emotions have an influence on current behavior.
Why is this statement important? While interacting with a population that experiences anxiety on a daily base have often revealed that the initial symptoms started in their adolescence time as they transformed from puberty into adulthood. Without the right support young adults crack under the pressure of expectations, fear for-or being submitted to mental and physical abuse.
Not excluding peer pressure as well as growing up in an unstable and dysfunctional environments. Here is where depression becomes relevant. It is important to understand that environments are not only a factor in anxiety and
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B.F Skinner was an American psychologist, studying and advancing the techniques of behavior therapy that has become the base of today’s behavior therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy is based on changes of behavior modification. As the results become more positive the brains influences become less important. The behavior therapist teaches you not listen to what your brains are telling you. The other treatment is usage of medications, such as antidepressants. Psychoanalysis is back: during interviews with the population I work affirms my belief that when people talk about their anxiety and depression, this often roots back to earlier life hood experiences that was traumatic. According an article in Psychology Today (Psychologytoday, 1992) writes that Psychoanalyses is making a return. It offers valuable information about the massive effects of trauma on personality formation in relation of trauma on personality

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