The Personality Test Of Personality Tests Essay

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Through the course of the semester, each student was required to fill out a variety of personality tests. After each student completed the personality test, he or she would then give the test to someone who knows him or her well enough to answer the questions while pretending to be the student. The person who takes the quiz as if they are the student is called the informant. After the student and the informant take the tests, the student records the scores into a spreadsheet. After all the tests are complete, a statistical correlation between the student’s score and the informant’s score is done. Since the informant is suppose to be someone who knows the student well you would think that the scores would match up and both the student and the informant would have answered the same. This is not the case for all of the personality tests. For example, my informant and I disagreed and got different scores on the Social Anxiety Scale, Neuroticism Scale, and the Grit Scale.

The first personality test that my informant and I disagreed on was the Social Anxiety Scale. For this test, I gave myself a score of 34, which means that I rated myself high for having social anxiety. I gave myself this score because I feel that the situations the test was asking me to be in would cause me to have anxiety. For example, I rated myself high anxiety when it comes to giving a public speech, or talking in front of a large group of people. My informant gave me a score of 12 for the Social Anxiety…

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