The Persian Invasions: A Comparative Analysis

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Throughout history, humans have invaded and conquered the lands of other human beings, with only the interest of themselves in mind. Invasions ranging from the time of the Persian Empire to the settling of the New World exemplify the maltreatment of other humans for personal gain as a recurring process. At the beginning of the cycle is the Persian Empire, a prime example of how humans invaded and conquered previously owned land for self-interest. In order to have the largest empire and increase the number of accessible trade routes, the Persians continuously went on conquests to take land from other empires using brute force. In particular, in 525 BC the Persians took on the great Egyptian Empire. The location was prime real estate for any …show more content…
Not one of the characters in the book attempted to connect with an alien by trying to learn or mimic their language, it was either the alien spoke the official language of that region or there was no communication between the two. This raises another flaw apparent in humans that appears both in history and all five of the short stories, humans traditionally are not open to accepting different ideas and cultures. This has been evident since the beginning of time. One of the first reference books in the history of mankind is the Bible, it has acted as a reference book for explaining all earthly happenings. This held true for the first explorers during the 1400s. When people left Europe in the search, and pursuit of the three G’s, and encountered people of different phenotypical features they were baffled. The idea of people having different physical attributes was so perplexing that they turned to the Bible and reasoned that these people must have been descendants of Noah’s less worthy offspring (Feder 34). To these explorers the different skin tone and different culture of the people they encountered automatically made them “less developed” and appear to be lost souls who needed to be taught how to live correctly, the European way. Why couldn’t these people just accept the culture of the people they encountered or even try to learn about them in order to understand their lifestyle. Based on the actions of humans in the past, we are going to do the same thing these explorers did if we encounter aliens, dismiss them if they are not the advanced species we assume they are or up to the human level of

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