The Nomads Of Language By Ariel Dorfman Essay

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1- In the article “the nomads of language” the author Ariel Dorfman claims that people from Colombian villages took their ancestors’ bones as a reminder of their history and to remain connected to the people who generated them. Until now people when they migrate, they could take their family pictures with them. According to Dorfman, not all people carry their ancestors’ bones to the new land, but all of them carry their own language to the migrant country. Language conveys people’s history, traditions, customs. Dorfman says “to defy the fluctuation of time and geography” these villagers assumed that taking their ancestors’ bone would assist them to withstand the change in culture and language.
2- People take with them their language which carries their past, their identity. Learning new language is considered as second birth since you would involve in the new culture, new food, new holidays in the new language. People take long time to speak elegantly, so learning the language is a slow second birth. Even though when you learn new accent of your language, you could new taste of life such as new customs. Dorfman states that “we can’t avoid the need to live in two languages.” When people migrate to a new country, they should speak the official language because of that all the daily activities are carried out by the country language such as the selling the food, conducting with people, neighbor and their native language which they communicate with it with their families.…

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